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Your skin deserves a break too

Learn how to keep your skin healthy while enjoying the sand and surf.

If you’re going on a hot holiday…. skip the base tan.

Here’s how you can protect yourself:

Hang out in the shade
Use an umbrella or take advantage of the shade under a tree.

The sand and water reflects the UVR. Protect your skin in other ways when you’re at the beach, even when you’re in the shade.

Cover as much skin as possible
Pack a beach cover-up, a hat and your favourite pair of sunglasses and wear them outside.

A hat with a wide brim is best – shade your head, face, ears and the back of the neck.

In general, clothing is even better than sunscreen when it comes to sun protection.

Use SPF 30 Sunscreen (minimum)
Apply more than you think and reapply often, especially after swimming. Most people don’t apply enough sunscreen to reach the SPF 30 level. Apply two to three tablespoons of sunscreen over your body and a teaspoon on your face before going out.

Look for sunscreen labeled “broad spectrum” and “water resistant”.


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