of the
top reasons
people use a tanning bed is to get protection from future sun exposure.
What they're really getting is base tan BS!
Follow along to learn why.
A Base Tan
Does Not Prevent
Sun Burn

Getting a base tan is more like pre-damaging your skin. Any indoor tanning activity is only adding more UV exposure and skin damage before going out into the sun for even more exposure.

Unfortunately, many people become less cautious about protecting their skin after getting a tan. In reality, they don't have the protection they need even though they might believe they do. What might look like sun-ready skin is really damaged skin.

UV Rays
Your Skin
A Base Tan
Provides Almost
no Sun

The teeny tiny bit of protection you get from a tan is only equivalent to SPF 2-3. That's about the same as putting on the worst sunscreen ever. That little bit of protection is nowhere near what you need and not worth the damage to get it.

Always use a minimum of SPF 30 when using sunscreen. And it's not all about sunscreen either! Don't forget all the other great and stylish ways to keep your skin healthy and protected.

“Healthy Glow”
Isn’t So healthy
After All

People who use indoor tanning before the age of 35 have a 59% greater risk of melanoma than those who do not use indoor tanning.

Even without that bad news, any form of skin damage contributes to premature aging like wrinkles, saggy skin and brown spots. That's bound to get old real fast.

Don’t waste
your time, your money
and your health
on getting a base tan.

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Be Sun Smart
Just like asbestos and tobacco, tanning beds are known to cause cancer. It’s true. They are all part of the Class 1 human carcinogen club.
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Each year in Saskatchewan over 3000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer. Ultraviolet radiation exposure is the most common cause of skin cancer.